An Introductory Note

I started this journal mainly to try and formulate all that I can about myself and my opinions of the world. A lot of it will be centered on a recurring theme that I adopted most recently: That of the Grey Area.

The Grey Area is the meeting point between ideological opposites, in what mainly appears in a world of dualistic alternatives. It is not necessarily the place where philosophies and ideals become diluted to the point of being ineffective, but the places where both points of view co-exist, because after all, isn’t that exactly what is going on in the world? Despite one side’s best efforts at establishing a majority position, the alternative or the opposite point of view tends to persevere, no matter what.

Public opinion in America is like a pendulum, swinging wildly from left to right, pushed either way by a media set on having its gaze-locked viewers believe one way, thinking their neighbor is their enemy because they differ in their outlook on politics, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, shoe size, breakfast of choice, etc. My mind is set on making the pendulum come to rest in the center, and be a part of the national conversation that is fighting back against the loud-mouthed, beat-you-over-the-head select few of pundits, politicians and authors that are riling up the less educated.

I hope this best sums up and predicts the style and tone that you can look forward to in further posts. It is a pleasure of mine to discuss matters of social justice, education, politics, and spirituality. I will start out with some general posts that will hopefully define my point of view on these subjects. I claim to be a moderate, but I guarantee a lot of the things I believe in are left-leaning in how they refuse to remain static, solid concepts of the world that many right-leaning people tend to define themselves by.

Thanks for reading, and I hope what I have to say from here on out can be informative as well as personally satisfying.

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